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We are Washington D.C.'s nonprofit historical society dedicated to uplifting the art and history of Black Burlesque, Cabaret and Culture.

preserve and diffuse the art and history of Black Burlesque, Cabaret, Sideshow and Variety as well as create safe and accessible spaces for Black performers and audiences.

- all performance is held to high esteem regardless of the race, nationality, affiliation, size, ability, gender presentation, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status of the performer
- everything from venue to audition contributes to fulfilling performance experiences
- audiences will have a broad burlesque and cabaret experience
-there will be a continued diffusion of buzz and excitement around black burlesque and cabaret
-there is no such thing as performance that is too obscure or too black
- to the best of ability, broadly support black performance
- provide spirited stewardship to the burlesque and variety community as a whole

Video from PBS Newshour, highlighting CCBC founders as well as burlesque Legend Jean Idelle and dear friend Chicava Honeychild